Wrong Grades to HKCE candidates in Eng. Paper

It is the largest mistake ever made in the history of the Hong Kong Examination and Assessment Authority that over 600 candidates' oral English paper were given incorrect grades in HK Certificate Examination English language (syllabus B).

According to HKEA, the mistake was a result of a double-fault human error. It is a shame not just to HK govt. but to all HK people.

During the testing phase of a new version of the computer software for marking, it was known that there was a bug which affected the grading of 4 papers including Chinese language (writing), Eng. (syllabus A), Eng.(syllabus B) writing, Eng.(syllabus B) oral. The bug must be reconciled by human adjustment on the software, but the programmer only adjusted 3 of the 4 papers leaving the Eng.(syllabus B) oral unadjusted. The worst thing happened when the senior manager missed to check if the new version had completed the human adjustment for the bug.

HKEA confirmed that there are some affect cases being downgraded, and they were all corrected. I wonder if the system has bug and affected cases were downgraded, then is there any case of being upgraded by the bug.

The 2nd interesting thing is that if there is no candidate raising appeal to HKEA, probably the bug not being adjusted was still undiscovered. The last point should be noted is the chairman of HKEA commented that the issue was a human error but it was only an operation mistake. His comment was totally incorrect as the human adjustment should be taken was due to the buggy software, that means the software should not be considered as well delivered yet, then the human adjustment should not be considered as a normal operation procedure.

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