We Lost a Reformer

We lost a Chinese political reformer in the morning on Jan 17, 2005. Zhao ZiYang, not only as an important political figure of Jun 4 event, but also had been a new hope for political reform in China since 1984. I used to think that the root cause for the corruption of Chinese Communist Official is the curse of one-party system.

I cannot agree on the argument that after Jun 4, 1989, the economic growth of China has been phenominon thus it is concluded that the military action towards the student movement for democracy is correct. How can we learn that if there was no military action there would be poorer economic growth or even the threat of social instability? Don't we see that behind the 9.5% annual economic growth for 2004, there are many corruption cases within the party. That is the curse of one-party system. It would happen only because there is unlimited power for the party who fight for her own survival could only put up with such serious corruption within senior party officials.

Mr. Zhao, you are a great leader with the courage to stop military crack down to student movement for democracy. We will remember you forever!

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