Virtualmin Restore Domain Issue


  1. When starting to restore a domain from backup, the button ‘Show what will be restored’ have to be pressed prior to executing the restore process. However, after pressing that button, just saw a circle icon move indefinitely for an hour. No progress and no error information.
  2. After restore the domain on Virtualmin, WordPress unexpectedly redirect to [mydomain]/wp-admin/install.php


  1. Instead of choosing restore from
    • backup on other webmin site or
    • upload file

use Virtualmin’s File Manager to upload the backup file to Virtualmin’s local directory prior to starting restore, and choose this uploaded backup file to start the restore process. Go to Backkup and Restore, after pressing ‘Show what will be restored’ button, update message will be shown in several seconds.

2. Webmin \(\to \) Servers \(\to \) MySQL Database Server, choose and restore the database for WordPress site.


  1. When using File Manager to upload the backup file, there’s a small window on the browser to show the percentage of upload. But when choosing upload file directly to restore tool of Virtualmin, there’s neither progress bar nor any error message and just keep you wait.
  2. There may be errors (numerous errors) appear when restoring the MySQL database. Then go to Webmin \(\to\) Servers \(\to\)MySQL Database Server \(\to\) MySQL Server Configuration, increase default ‘Maximum packet size’ to 128M.

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