Notability vs OneNote – page export issue


I have been using Microsoft OneNote for couple of years. As it’s cross-platform capability and free to use, it’s naturally a good choice for casual notes taking tasks. But there is one significant limitation when you’re going to share your note with those who don’t have OneNote installed.

OneNote Page Export Issue:

Whenever I need to share the notes with students who don’t have a OneNote account, I need to export the notes to pdf. That’s where the page issue bothers me. There’s no concept of a page in OneNote. That is, the area taking the notes can be extended either vertically or horizontally. As there’s page size consideration for pdf file format, the export from OneNote to pdf will be a mess. Either the fonts unexpectedly become smaller, or the size of texts, images are not consistent among pages.

Solutions – Notability:

Migrate the notes to Notability. No, it’s not free, but the one-time charge is reasonable if you’re using it seriously. Also, it’s only Mac-friendly. That is, it’s available on iMac and iOS. For me, it’s not an issue. Moreover, after I bought it on iOS, it’s free to use it on my iMac.

Not just the page concept is a built-in feature of Notability, the continuous page experience is also one of my favourites. The page line is just a soft line on which I can put anything across it. And most importantly, I can keep the text size consistent and make sure the size of images and other related things are fine before exporting it into pdf format or print it out.


The experience of Notability in iMac and iOS is quite different. That’s an inconvenience that need to take some time to adapt.

Synchronization of the notes into iCloud is pretty handy, but don’t know why it’s not instantaneously updated compared with the speed of synchronization of files in Google doc or sheet which are almost real-time update on all your devices log-in to the same Google account.