How Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 Stylus works on iPad

Issue of Bamboo Fineline 3 writing on iPad:

Bamboo Fineline 3 is a 3rd party smart stylus for iPad and iPhone.

After watching some videos on Bamboo Fineline 3, I found the style and price are all good for me to use on iPad Pro (2nd Gen) 10.5 inch. However, writing on iPad Pro 10.5 in (2nd Gen) is always broken and lagging. Changing various configuration setting on the apps like Notability can’t help.

Making the Bamboo Fineline 3 Writing Smoothly:

  • Go to the setting of iPad Pro
  • in Accessibility, choose Touch
  • Switching off “Touch Accommodations” or at least switching off “Hold Duration”

How’s the Smart Stylus Compared with Apple Pencil:

I haven’t had a chance to use Apple Pencil on my iPad Pro 10.5 inch because when the new iPad Air 4 was launched on Oct., I bought it immediately with Apple Pencil 2 as I didn’t know the above trick to making the Fineline 3 working smoothly on the iPad Pro.

Anyway, no matter how smoothly the Bamboo Fineline 3 working on the iPad Pro 10.5 inch and iPad Air 4, palm rejection is still inferior to the experience of using Apple Pencil 2. The Bamboo Fineline 3’s Bluetooth capability can only pair up with it’s own Bamboo Paper app, but not for all the apps on iPad. Actually, only Apple Pencil (1 gen.) works with iPad Pro 10.5 inch, thus I can only try Apple Pencil 2 and Bamboo Fineline 3 on my iPad Air 4.

Configuration of the iPad Pro 10.5 inch:

  • iPad Pro 10.5 inch (2nd Gen.)
  • Bamboo Fineline ver. 3
  • iOS 14.0.1
  • Notability 10.1.3

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