Tricks of iPad 1st gen. Backup and Restore using Mac

Issue of Restore and Backup of iPad Pro through MacOS:

Passing my old iPad Pro 10.5in to my wife needs backup her old iPad Pro (1st gen) and restore it to iPad Pro 10.5in. When connected her iPad Pro (1st gen), Finder recognised it, but when clicking backup to my Mac with Encrypt Local Backup checked. Finder asked for the password. Even uncheck the Encrypt Local Backup, Finder still asked for the password.

There must be a bug in MacOS Finder because the old iPad Pro had never been backup even once to my iMac. One option is to back it up on iCloud, but the free tier of iCloud storage is only 5GB. With HK$8/mth., it is expanded to 50GB but seems still not enough. Is this a way of Apple to earn some money from customer getting a new iPad?

Solution of Backup and Restore the iPad:

On the old iPad to be backup,

go to Settings \(\to\) General \(\to\) Reset \(\to\) Reset All Settings.

It’ll neither erase the data nor content of the iPad.

Tricks of Restore from the backup of the iPad Pro (1st gen):

For restoring the backup to new iPad, the Finder showed no icon moving beside the iPad Pro 10.5in under Locations of Finder. Yes, there’s message on the iPad Pro 10.5in to be restored: Restore in Progress, but how come nothing changed on the icon next to the device.

Then just waiting and waiting for an hour, the iPad Pro 10.5in reboot and it’s restored.

After thought of this Backup Restore Experience:

By the way, when I backup my old iPad Pro 10.5in and restore it from my iMac to the new iPad Air 4, it was smooth. Probably, the old iPad Pro has been backup several times prior to this last backup.

Even though someone is doing a good job to regularly backup the iOS device, he or she must be well aware that the password for Encrypt Local Backup to Mac machine has to be remembered otherwise, the backup can just be a backup image and can never be restored. No one can help when it’s necessary to do a rescue restore rather than a migration restore. During migration restore, if you forget the password, then you can do the backup again with an easy and simple password.

I recommend that MacOS should always ask user to type again the password whenever they do a backup so as to keep the memory refresh otherwise a normal user can easily forget the password for Encrypt Local Backup.

So, every one will ask why we choose Encrypt Local Backup. The simple reason is the without Encrypt Local Backup checked, no sensitive apps or data can be backup and thus making the backup missing some important information that should be backup.

Another caveat is that I updated the old iPad Pro (1 gen) from iPadOS 14.0.1 to 14.1 before making the backup. This is not good. It’s because iPadOS 14.1 is even newer than the iPadOS’ ver. of iPad Pro (2nd gen) 10.5in. That needs an update from iPadOS 14.0.1 to 14.1 before restore the backup which is from an iPad already running iPadOS 14.1.

Why I need to upgrade my iPad Pro (2nd gen.) 10.5 in to iPad Air 4?

iPad Pro (2nd gen.) is still powerful compared to other iPad’s, let alone it’s huge storage size of 512GB. But it doesn’t support Apple Pencil 2. I got a 3rd party smart stylus, Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 for it. First, I didn’t know the AssistTouch has to be off when using the stylus. Also, the bluetooth of the stylus cannot pair up with the iPad Pro. Perhaps it’s the trick that Apple made in order to marginalise the 3rd-party products. Actually, palm detection feature cannot be enabled without bluetooth pair up with the iPad.

Config. of iPad & iOS

  • iPadPro (1st gen) 9.7in
  • iPadPro (2nd gen) 10.5in
  • iPadOS 14.1

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