Google Site Kit Gathering Data Indefinitely


‘Analytics Gathering Data Analytics data is not yet available’ appears on Google Analytics Dashboard, or similar message appears on Google Searching Console Dashboard of Google Site Kit. It’s an all-in-one WordPress plugin from Google to display website traffic information. This message entices administrator to wait and it’ll last indefinitely.


Don’t wait. Check all the plugins involving site optimisation, including Autoptimize plugin, and disable them.


  1. After connecting successfully with Google Analytics and Search Console, reactivating Autoptimize will not affect the proper functioning of Google Site Kit so far. Need to see if anything unexpected couple of days later.
  2. Other than plugin conflict, it must be checked carefully that Google Analytics is working fine including linking properly with Search Console. In brief, login, on the left bottom select Admin \( \rightarrow \) Property Column \( \rightarrow \) Property Settings \( \rightarrow \) Adjust Search Console. Check if Search Console site is added. If not, no search console data is linked to Analytics and Site Kit plugin in WordPress will show neither warning nor error message.


  • WordPress: 5.5.1
  • Site Kit by Google: 1.15.0
  • Autoptimize: 2.7.7

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