Combine Multiple Image Files to a PDF file on Mac

Why I need to Combine Images to a Multi-page PDF file?

Very often receiving image files of JPEG format from students for homework submission. Sometimes over 10 pages for a single homework from one student. Guess what happened if there’re many students submitting homework at the same time. Of course asking them to scan multiple pages into a single pdf file should be a logical thinking. However, those junior students always ask their mom. to submit. And their mom. are clients. Customers always right, but not always doing the right thing. It’s more convenient to edit them if these are in a single multi-page pdf file.

Issue of Converting Jpeg files to PDF file:

Assume that my PDFelement can handle this easy task of combining multiple files into a single pdf file. Yes, there’s a feature of combining file, but the only restriction is that those files must be in pdf format prior to Combine process. Of course, I can convert each jpeg or png file into a pdf, and then combine them by PDFelement but it’s cumbersome. For instance, if you have 20 related jpeg files, you’ve to perform 20 times for conversion to PDF.

Searching on the web for an hour couldn’t’ find a free and handy solution. A close workaround is upload them into a specific website with a function that you can then download the combined pdf file. However, the download speed is slow.


On Mac, select all these jpeg image files on Finder as many as you like, then right click to get the beautiful but overlooked feature: “Quick Actions” \( \rightarrow \) “Create PDF”. Bingle! less than a second, there’s a single pdf file with pages with each jpeg already converted.

Actually the action is really quick.


Mac is very friendly with pdf. Unlike MS Windows, you don’t need to install a driver for printer output to pdf, it’s built-in with Mac. The above Mac feature further proves this conjecture.


Mac OSX: 10.15.6

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