1st of 2006 Long Hair in Mongkok

Around 5:30pm, it's a busy holiday in Mongkok pedestrians reserved zone. There was a public forum on the Public Concern on Police Force Abuse. During Long Hair's speech, there was a casual wear self-claimed policeman asking for a staff of the organizer to present HKID, but interestingly this so-called policeman rejected to present his policeman staff card.

Then 2 policeman in uniform came and talked to the policeman in casual wear who's all the time talking on the phone. It seems that he was seeking advice from his commander. The 2 policeman in uniform bearing nos. 4328 and A500 seemed to have done a good job to settle the dispute.

What i was not comfortable was that the area where the forum held is a public pedestrian reserve zone, then should the activity be granted a permit in advance?

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